Rare hand crafted modern furniture

Welcome to my world of rare hand crafted modern furniture. As a master of my craft labouring in an old-world style studio, I present my international award winning furniture as art. I started 13 years ago in borrowed space in a single car garage. My generous friend could not have known what leaving his car out in the weather would do for me. I am thankful to all who helped me along the way to becoming a recognized designer and maker.rare hand crafted modern furniture

Please feel free to contact us even if you are not contemplating an immediate order. Call 902 657 2455 or email me, jonathan@jonathanotter.com. 


I present this hand crafted chair that took more than 6 months to design and make. Read more about its design and sculpting journey by going to my Lounge Chair page. Rare hand crafted modern furniture




Rare hand crafted modern furniture