“Jonathan Otter creates his furniture with meticulous care and astonishing skill…The 22 pieces we own of modern, Nova Scotian work- our only modern pieces, in fact- are all creations of Jonathan Otter’s and they harmonize beautifully with the antiques, reflecting the same warmth of texture and beauty of form so valued in the antiques.”Nominator for the 2012 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Award.

“Everyone who comes into my home comments on the sideboard but, more importantly, I love it every time I look at it, which is everyday. I love the colour, the grains, the pulls, and even the sound of the doors when they close.”- N.P., Montreal.

“Every time I walk into my bedroom I think, what a beautiful bed and how beautiful the bed has made the room. So thank you for all your skill and hard work. It really is a breathtaking creation.”- S.C., Halifax.



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