Rare hand crafted modern furniture

Welcome to my world of rare hand crafted modern furniture. As a master of my craft laboring in an old-world style studio, I present my international award winning furniture as art. Looking back on the borrowed single car garage I started in 13 years ago, my generous friend could not have known what leaving his car out in the weather would do for me. I am thankful to all who helped me along the way to becoming a recognized designer and maker.designer modern furniture hand crafted luxury

Please feel free to contact me even if you are not contemplating an immediate order. Call 902 657 2455 or email me, jonathan@jonathanotter.com. Your request will be handled confidentially and without obligation.


I present this hand crafted chair that took more than 6 months to design and make. Read more about its design and sculpting journey by going to my Lounge Chair page. As a result of assistance from Canada Council for the Arts, I was able to undertake the prototype of this new design. rare hand crafted modern lounge chair



On January 11, 2017,  Lounge Chair No.3 was awarded a Jury’s Joker Prize from the Arts and Crafts Design Award competition. Due to this recognition, I was honored to be interviewed by CTV National News. Click here to view the segment. The Jury’s Joker Prize is no joke. The jury of international art experts named Lounge Chair No. 3 as the only winner from Canada! Here in our studio, we call the joker ‘the card of opportunity’ and are extremely proud to win this prize.

Being nominated for the Arts & Crafts Design Award is a great achievement and proof of fantastic artistic quality. The carefully selected group of nominees is an exclusive circle of international artists, with outstanding talent and excellent craftsmanship. Therefore, I am honored to be the only winning entry from Canada. 


Announced July 12, 2016, my Lounge Chair No. 2 is a finalist for this prestigious award. Pictured below, this chair challenges every aspect of what a modern Windsor chair can be. I am humbled to think that this chair design is so well received. It won a 2016 Niche Award as well. The benefits of being a Masterworks Finalist go far beyond the prize money. It informs me that my creativity is noticed and appreciated. For more about this prize, please visit the Masterworks website. You can purchase this chair by contacting me through the form on my ‘Story’ page. 

Rare hand-crafted modern furnitureRare hand-crafted modern furniture


Rare hand crafted modern furniture2016 NICHE AWARD WINNER

A North American prize in scope, it is awarded on technical excellence in design and showing a distinct quality of unique, creative and original thought. Special thanks to Arts Nova Scotia for support to be present with the Lounge Chair No. 2 at the American Made Show in Washington, DC.

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