It is a pleasure to offer you a glimpse into my world of making. After 12 years of producing fine hand made modern furniture, I still work alone. This liberates me to focus on the design and making of each piece. The purity of working as an authentic master artisan is a rare and treasured advantage.

Mission: to craft rare and exquisite furniture that honors the sculptural properties of the earth’s most beautiful hardwoods. I obsess over detail, beauty and quality while remaining firmly rooted in the ancient craft of joinery.

Lounge Chair No. 3 unveiled!

It is with sincere pride that I present a work that has been more than 6 months in the making. For more on the remarkable story of the design roots and forming of this spectacular chair please go to the Lounge Chair page. My thanks to the Canada Council for making the funding available to develop the prototype. Lounge Chair No. 3 is currently on display in the Harvest Gallery in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Rare hand crafted modern furniture

2016 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Art Award Finalist!

Announced July 12, 2016, I am thrilled to share the news that Lounge Chair No. 2 is named a finalist for this prestigious award. Pictured below, this chair challenges every aspect of what a Nova Scotian Windsor-style chair can be. I am humbled to think that this chair – crafted with committed passion but in near obscurity in my shop – is so well received. ¬†As the other finalists will no doubt confirm, the merits of being a Masterworks Finalist go far beyond the monetary. It conveys the vital message to the artist that they are on the right path, their creativity is noticed and appreciated. For more details and to see the other finalists’ astounding art, please visit the Masterworks website.

Rare hand-crafted modern furnitureRare hand-crafted modern furniture

Rare hand crafted modern furniture2016 Niche Award Winner

A North American prize in scope, it is presented on the merits of technical excellence in design and showing a distinct quality of unique, creative and original thought. Special thanks to Arts Nova Scotia for helping me to be present with the Lounge Chair No. 2 at the American Made Show in Washington, DC.

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