Sideboard and Hutch in a mid-century modern style

A year in the making, from initial consultation to delivery, this privately commissioned piece was a joy to craft. Designed in the clean, spare silhouette of mid-century modern style, I incorporated exposed dovetail joinery at the corners of the case and solid wood frame and panel backs for both the sideboard and hutch. Taking great pains to provide a perfectly grain-matched front, I cut all drawer fronts, rails, stiles and panels from a single plank. Perhaps the most unique feature of this design is the drawer- and door pulls. Leaving the drawer fronts and door rails over an inch thick, I hand carved the pulls, gradually removing stock from around and inside the pulls to produce a truly sculpted look. Discreet solid brass knife hinges offer full access to the adjustable panels behind the doors. The top drawer in the sideboard featured an adjustable silverware tray. Modern detail