Sculpture as seating

LOW_4793The stool pictured here is the latest result of my inclination to create furniture that explores the sculptural nature of wood. The unique growth rings and grain patterns that once existed deep in a tree are brought to light in this deeply carved piece. The seat, or saddle is shaped from a thick block of wood glued up from a single plank.

LOW_5304 At the back, it is a full six inches deep, providing lumbar support and enveloping the sitter in luxurious comfort few would think possible from solid wood.

LOW_4808The underside of the seat is perhaps the most intriguing part of the design, incorporating what I call a ‘poured’ joint; the wood being carved to flow gracefully from the mass of the seat into the straight tapered legs. The mortise and tenon joint is pegged to prevent loosening over time.

LOW_4809 A wide comfortable rung below the seat puts the finishing touch to this piece. All of this is done, not with computer controlled routers, but by hand, using simple tools. I sincerely hope you like it.