When a statement of connoisseur-ship is needed. When you must have something that only a rare few can obtain. When only the best will do, Lounge Chair No. 3 answers all needs.  

My latest piece represents a supreme creative effort in modern style and sculpture. My goal was to design a chair that provides luxurious comfort and sensuous modernity. Working in a humble old world style of countless master artisans before me, this chair gradually took shape in my studio over a period of 6 months.Hand crafted opulence and extreme rarity

Hand crafted opulence and extreme rarityDESIGN

As a designer, I draw elements from various styles and distill them into a single object. In Lounge Chair No. 3, the sensual whiplash curves of Art Nouveau and the organic simplicity of Danish Modern play starring roles. Art Deco furniture took the use of rare materials to extremes. My approach utilizes similar elements but with a sustainable ethos. Here Casein Ivory accents contrast with burnished Black Walnut. The result is a unique and profound work of art with multiple design histories. 

THE SCULPTOR’S ARTHand crafted opulence and extreme rarity

As an example of functional art, Lounge Chair No.3 sets a new standard. Shaped from huge planks of black walnut, I cut and artfully arrange them in their rough shapes. Then in the manner of Sergio Scaglietti, I shape the material intuitively by eye, without measured drawings. No two chairs are exactly alike. 

Hand crafted opulence and extreme rarity INNOVATIONHand crafted opulence and extreme rarity

The carbon fiber shell is laid up and vacuum bagged on a form designed and shaped in my own shop for maximum comfort of the human body. After curing, the shell is removed from the cast, then carefully trimmed to fit into the flowing wooden frame. Here, the over sized carbon fiber is chalked out to its final shape by eye. It will be trimmed with high speed diamond cutters, then sanded. The raw edges are then coated with epoxy to finish it.

MINIMALISMHand crafted opulence and extreme rarity

Hand stitched Italian leather is carefully fitted over the carbon fiber seat shell. Only 12 millimeters of high density foam cover the body formed carbon fiber. The combination offers surprising comfort and a sleek modern silhouette.


I sand the wood by hand to a very fine grit, then apply a hand rubbed blend of linseed oil, beeswax and tung oil. The upholstered seat is attached to it’s frame, and I affix the badge. Engraved in ivory with my signature and the year, it is then highlighted with India ink in the ancient scrimshaw tradition. It is polished and inset into the leather.

If you are interested in commissioning a No. 3, please contact me using the form on my story page or my contact information at the bottom of each page.