From the initial creative burst, we sketch the idea. As we sketch, we add the features we feel contribute the most to the design.

designer modern furniture hand crafted luxury

From our sketches we quickly make full scale two dimensional patterns to judge the beauty and functionality of a new design. We live with these for a while on mood boards, critiquing them constantly.

Next, we trial the design in three dimensions. Often, it is certain features of a design we model in clay or foam. Automotive clay is a wonderful medium for this stage; capable of multiple, immediate revisions.

Scale drawings follow. Using the simplest drafting techniques, we create plan, elevation and side views. There is a reality about graphite and ink on paper that a computer screen can never match.

From these, we make a cut list for a model in wood. The model making stage is where we refine the design as a whole. When a model is complete, we revise our drawings and present the design.

If we receive feedback from a client that they would like to explore or produce our design, we move to the prototype stage. Here we solve the design and engineering challenges at 1:1 scale. Comfort and joinery decisions- that couldn’t be tested on the model- are refined and finalised. In our small workshop, economics demand a rapid and accurate result.