The story of a self-taught international award winning furniture designer

I began making furniture as a profession in 2004 at age 32. By that time in my life, my creativity surfaced with a passion that took me by storm. With no formal wood working education and only a few tools, it was a launch stoked by an aching to make something beautiful and lasting with my hands. 

In my first year I achieved Juried Status Membership from the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council. Gradually, my name got out and commissions trickled in. I owe much to my wife and family for their support. And I owe much to my customers who took a chance on my raw abilities in those early days. But the journey from working in a borrowed single car garage to international award winning furniture designer is not for the faint of heart.

Like many experiences that test us to our limits, wonderful things result when we endure. In September 2012, it was an honor to be named a finalist for the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Award. In January 2016 I received a Certificate of Excellence from the 2015 Arts and Craft Design Award as well as a 2016 Niche Award. More recently I was named as a finalist for the 2016 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Art Award.  Then in January of 2017, I received the highest award to date – Arts and Crafts Design Award – for a recent design.The enduring value of these awards is the incentive they provide to keep on pushing my creativity to new levels.

Being a furniture maker is a wonderful advantage as a designer. A worrisome trend has arisen where so much design takes place on a computer screen. A maker , through use, understands joinery, wood movement, adhesives and finishes. The maker has gazed upon numerous pieces he or she has produced. The authentic maker also has a deep love for what they do and the people for whom they do it. This injects a quality into their design that cannot otherwise be achieved.The story of a self-taught international award winning furniture designer

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