Hand crafted modern studio furniture

Welcome to a world of hand crafted modern studio furniture. As masters of craft working in an old-world style studio, we present our simple furniture as an art form. Our style has emerged from 17 years of working with wood. We are self-taught makers and designers, schooled in experience rather than theory. 

As you look at some of our favourite designs here, you might note various historic influences. We rather blatantly borrow from Danish Modern, Art Deco, Shaker and other styles, then distill these influences into a single piece. We choose what we feel is the best of these previous forms. The result is furniture that appeals to a broad audience and is at home in a wide spectrum of settings.rare hand crafted modern furniture



We present this hand crafted chair that took more than 6 months to design and make. Read more about its design and sculpting journey by going to our Lounge Chair page. 


Rare hand crafted modern furniture

A worrisome trend has arisen where much design takes place on a computer screen. A maker, through use, understands joinery, wood movement, adhesives and finishes. The maker has gazed upon numerous pieces he or she has produced. As a result, they develop an instinct for what works and what doesn’t. The authentic maker also has a deep love for the materials. This injects a quality into their design that cannot otherwise be achieved.

We welcome the interest of manufacturers who might be interested in producing our designs.