Lounge Chair No. 2

It is with a great sense of accomplishment that I offer this new lounge chair. This design distills all of the talents and skills I possess into one piece of exceptional furniture. The fluid shaping of its parts make for a chair that is delightful to look at and a marvel of comfort. My J-Class Lounge chair- finalist for the 2012 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Award- ┬áserved as a starting point. The seat is sculpted from one very thick premium Walnut plank, cut up and artfully arranged to accommodate the deep saddle and ‘poured’ leg joinery. Materials for this chair cost just over $1000.00. The rough seat blank being shaped into its final form leaves deep piles of sweet smelling shavings on the shop floor. This is sculpture in its age old form.LOW_9969

The delicate hand shaped spindles follow the curves of the sitters back. The laminated back crest flows into wide arms. Hard lines that are carefully formed by hand sanding around the outside of the seat and arms juxtapose with the soft fluidity of the rest of the chair. The creative effort depletes my reserves. It will be weeks before a new design can even be contemplated.