“Technical excellence, both in surface design and form, market viability and a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought”- 2016 Niche Awards

As time goes by, we have developed a desire to make our work more accessible. The cost of hand made is admittedly high and production is decidedly slow. When we could, we made adjustments to make sure a client could obtain a treasured hand-crafted object. All too often, it was out of our reach as well. Therefore, as we develop new designs and tweak older ones, we are reaching out to potential production partners.

Simple designs appeal to many people.

We are now inviting conversations from those who might be interested in putting these designs into production.

Through experience, we have honed our design values. Our designing has matured through practice rather than theory. We have reached an aesthetic that draws on multiple design histories, and therefore appeals to a broad spectrum of clients. More than that, our simple style may well be a perfect fit for your production workshop.

Lounge Chair No. 2

When you engage with us to utilise one of our designs, we are pleased to provide scaled drawings and models. We are open to discuss materials and how to respect the design direction.

Scaled hand drawing of modern Windsor lounge chair

Please feel free to contact us by email: