I began making furniture as a profession in 2004. It was a launch stoked by an aching to make something beautiful and lasting with my hands. I had no formal woodworking education and only a few tools. My workshop for the first 6 months was borrowed space in a friend’s single car garage.

In my first year, I received Juried Status Membership from the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council. Gradually, my name got out and commissions trickled in. I owe much to my wife and family for their support. And I am indebted to my customers who took a chance on my raw abilities in those early days. 


We moved to a much larger workshop and gallery in Earltown, Nova Scotia in 2008. I was able to grow and expand my repertoire of making from that beautiful space in that beautiful part of the world. 

I was honored to be named a finalist for the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Award in 2012. Later, Lounge Chair No. 2 received a Certificate of Excellence from the 2015 Arts and Craft Design Award as well as a 2016 Niche Award. Then it was named as a finalist for the 2016 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Art Award.  Afterwards, Lounge Chair No. 3 received international recognition – Arts and Crafts Design Award. These awards provided incentive to keep pushing our creativity to new levels.

The story of a self-taught international award winning furniture designer

My brother Joe joined me in the workshop in 2016. He brought a wealth of fitted furniture and production experience to our studio. In 2017 I accepted a rare opportunity to move to Ireland and work in one of the most prestigious workshops in the world. Joe continues to work from our studio workshop in Earltown.

Childhoods spent on a farm, close to the earth, has struck a chord that still reverberates. The desire to design and make something beautiful with our hands still runs strong.

“Otter’s craft is lovingly and laboriously manifested in contemporary pieces that combine beauty and comfort and also hearken to traditional designs.”- S. MacAlpine-Foshay, Former Director of Mary E. Black Gallery

We now are collaborating with production partners to make our designs more accessible to potential clients. Please see our Production Partners page for more information.

We welcome conversations from manufacturers who are interested in producing our designs.